Arabian Nights

personal Gallery for
Abdulaziz Yousef

          in 2009, my first personal gallery took place in Soug Wagef in Doha, old Market of Doha. the main theme of the gallery was centered around the Arabian Nights. sketches of the stories along with big canvasses were used to represent the "soul" of the famous nights and represent them to all the galleries visitors.
          everything represented int he gallery was based on the actual Arabic version of the book, and the actual stories were written and previewed for the viewers with supporting sketches.
          the gallery lasted for 40 days, and it was a very successful start for me :)
one of the A0 posters that were created to lead people to the gallery ( were placed in sequence along the way in the Old Soug)
that is an opening of the Sinnbad Story
an imagination of the the Iraqi City al Mousil (150x120) acrylic
one of the pages of the Gallery Brochures showing the influence of the old Iraqi Civilizations on the Arabian Nights ( on the left one of the paintings of the gallery) digital painting..
Madenat al Nohas ( copper city) 1.5 x 1 m

This piece is inspired from the Arabian Nights book. It is just my imagination a copper city mentioned in the story located in Modern Istanbul.  The Copper City mentioned in the story is high tech, protected by massive colemns and statues, carved in a mountain, and all its people are in deep sleep.

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