A group of sketches dedicated to a dear friend whom I have lost in a car accident. I have struggled with my denial to realize that it wont be possible to see him again during this life. It was not an easy nor understandable process for me, yet i got nothing to do but sketching ..
Here we pray with a frozen body rejecting the moments of sending blessing your soul because it was a dream! You are kidding me and will come back even when you are a dead body laying in front of me...
It was hard to tell my mom what happened to you, she loves you more than I do. yet, i had to be strong enough and forget all about the broken glass in my chest and become the sober robot after all
it was as hard as meeting your mom who wanted to see you in my eyes that were frozen on that moment when i knew you were gone...
a moment in which my eyes were gone
Yet, the feeling in me are so confused mixed up and shocked by the moment when you were gone with some many cuts and broken bones.. injury that hurts my soul more than it did to you..
and yet i got nothing else to do but to look and be frozen...
Yet, all life has become broken glass for me. thoughts, prayers, love all are wondering in the journey of denial. You'll come back is what i keep telling myself in a fading voice not forgetting keeping my strong voice tone..
it burns when i realized how much i miss you already, and you have left us seeing how bitter i was with you. how cold and heartless was I thinking! how could i act like i don't care all that time .. forgive me i was foolish
My fake smile will always be there as the tears in my eyes.. you and I know that these tears are meant to be hidden and that smile is how to do so
guilt is mine,forgive me.
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